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The Defibrillator Cup

The Defibrillator Cup – St Martins vs St Martins 06/09/2023

On one of the hottest day of the year so far St Martin’s Bowls Club faced a formidable team representing St Martin’s Freemasons.

The game celebrated the multiple links between the two organisations: They both owe their name to the Parish Church of Saint Martin in Fenny Stratford and originated in the 1900’s close to this, the home of the Fenny Poppers; Several members of the Bowls Club are Freemasons and currently two are members of St Martin’s Lodge; The Lodge presented the Bowls Club with the funds to purchase and maintain a Defibrillator in 2020. Hence the celebratory nick name “The Defibrillator Cup”.

Three players for the Freemasons were virgins to bowls and so had a 20 minute introductory session with one of the teams experienced players. They were then put in as the second player in each of the Freemason’s three triples teams. The Bowls club teams were a good mix of experience and expertise, with Carol Highton, Henk Kruse and Chris Pollard taking the Skips roles.

Team Captains for the day – Chris Pollard and Derek Storey agreed to play 18 ends with a break after ten to enable players to take refreshment and get out of the full sunshine for a few minutes. The Club bar was opened, and large glasses of liquids were ordered and consumed. Many spectators were enjoying their refreshments, the game, and the glorious weather, so long overdue.

After a sweltering hour the players took a break with the Bowls Club leading by 4 shots and winning in two of the three games. The Freemason’s captain made three half-time substitutions to bring in the remaining players in his squad. All this was to no avail as the Bowls Club increased its half-time lead to 6 shots at the close of the match. Congratulations to the St Martins Bowls Club on winning the match by 50 points to 44 and by 2 rinks to 1.

The ”virgin” bowlers were delighted with their performances and introduction to Outdoor bowling, offering to play again as they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon. As were all that played in this good spirited and fun game of bowls.

Many thanks to the St Martin’s BC committee for allowing this game to go ahead and for the hospitality shown by the SMBC members.

Derek Storey, Membership Officer of St Martin Masonic Lodge


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