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Open Triples League.

Hello Everybody,

The sheet will go up tomorrow for the Open Triples League. 

For those that don't know, this is another club competition with trophies to be awarded at the end of the season and the winners names on the honours board.  It runs over 6 or 7 weeks on Thursday evenings during July, August and into September.  First game will be 18th July 6pm

Teams of 4  will be picked from the names that enter taking into account the dates that a player is not available for. This allows for holidays and sickness during the run of the tournament. The skips of each team will make sure that all of the members get to play a fair amount each.

To enter, simply put your name down on the sheet and tick the dates that you are unavailable to play.   The entry fee is £2, the same as any club comp and will be collected on the first weeks of play.

Each Thursday there will be sausage rolls or pasties available.

Dates for diary

4th August will be a ladies v men match.  Just for fun!!

24th August will be the next Club Fun Day, maybe Tricky Triples or maybe something else!

Any questions, drop Steve an email.

Take care



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